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Romantic Rituals with Anneliese

Don't miss this enriching conversation that blends wisdom, self-care, and practical advice for modern living. I’m honoured to welcome Anneliese, an expert in Ayurvedic medicine and astrology. Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of these ancient practices and their relevance today. Anneliese shares her journey, from our first meeting through corporate Yoga classes to her current work with her business, Romantic Rituals. We explore how Ayurveda can help us understand and nourish ourselves deeply in our day to day, where simple practices promote tangible change to our wellbeing. Anneliese explains how she uses her intuitive approach to astrology to provide insightful natal chart readings coupled with unique practices and holistic remedies that are easy to apply to modern life. Discover how these practices can create significant shifts in your life by bringing you back in tune with nature and your true self.

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First 30mins transcribed, listen to full episode on Spotify :

So welcome back listeners to a podcast with Yoke. It's a derivative of my online business Sanctuary and as I've shared in the past, it's just a space where we get to explore different lenses through which we can observe and understand the self. And today I'm so honored to have one of my friends and women that I've worked with in the past, Anneliese, who does astrology and Ayurvedic medicine.

Hello, Anneliese. Hey, thanks for having me. Thank you so much for being here.

And I met Anneliese through corporate yoga and Pilates classes many years ago now, it could have been like four. Yeah, and what's your, yeah, I've previously or recently kind of got together with your business romantic rituals, but is there, yeah, introduce yourself, tell us who you are. So I'm Anneliese.

And I work with astrology and Ayurveda and like, yeah, similar kind of mission to Sanctuary, I guess it's just using these different modalities to understand yourself better and strip back kind of those layers and give you frameworks in which you can, yeah, explore yourself and also nourish yourself as well. And yeah, I met Jess, she was doing yoga at my work and I was just blown away by her classes. It's like, oh, this girl knows so much.

And they were so good. Like really a lot of like deep knowledge in them all. And I really loved them.

And then I don't know, I think we just started chatting and then we became friends through that. Yeah, I feel like at the time you were doing your Ayurvedic studies more and offering that to people, and it was around the time of lockdowns and COVID, so there was also people interested in like holistic health and how do we get back to harmony within the body through, yeah, these, I love just that we can and it's still relevant, these ancient practices, which are just so needed, especially at this time, because we've forgotten. So I feel like we're connected through, yeah, more.

I thought you were all cool as well. I was like, oh, I love all these girls are so down to earth and I love practicing with them. And yeah, really appreciate you saying that you love the class because that's it brings me joy to see other people find like pleasure in their body, even though sometimes it's like challenging and hard, like that after like, oh, I feel good now.

I feel more centred. I feel more balanced. Yeah, I remember you would put some like Pilates abs in the middle of your classes.

I was like, oh, not this again. But you'd thank me later. So that's so good.


Yeah. Yes, I think we can continue to, yeah, I guess, be in each other's fears as you were going that I read and then I watch this amazing transition of your romantic rituals. That is your business online and Instagram, if anyone would like to go check it out.

Yeah, and I just loved everything that you were saying on there of how it just resonated and it made sense and it was close to what's natural and nature, which I think is a big part of why it resonates and why it feels good to read your words that you so poetically write. And yeah, I love it. I love everything that you share on your socials and in our more intimate settings and conversations.

Thank you. Yeah, I got into Ayurveda when I was. Probably in 2020, but I've been like a lifelong yoga student, sort of, you know, it kind of interweaves a lot because they're from the same modality.

But what I loved about it is. Yeah, exactly. You said it's like this ancient wisdom that's still so relevant to the modern day and it's so.

Like it's deeply complex, way more complex than I thought when I originally decided to study it, but it's also has this really beautiful simplicity to it. And I think that is what resonates with people the most, because it's like we overcomplicate things a lot in our minds. We're kind of searching for, I don't know, labels, diagnoses or quick fixes or long fixes, or we want to cling to kind of.

Answers, but if you strip a lot of it back and come back to this natural kind of rhythm of living in tune with nature and the seasons and your body. It really just creates these big shifts within you. And I think that kind of wisdom resonates with us so much because we already know it, but we've kind of forgotten it along the way.

So I think it helps sometimes just to have. Someone external to remind you, and then it sparks something within and you're like, oh, yeah, I just did that, I just made this little tweak, I just made this little shift, like big things happen from that. Yeah, yeah, I love that.

And I love that you said because Ayurveda is the sister science of yoga. And it's like, yeah, there's a lot of yoga teachers out there, but there's not many Ayurvedic practitioners. And it's interesting that duality that plays out of being so complex yet simple.

But you can make it, yeah, we don't have to get caught up in all the kind of rabbit holes that we tend to get stuck in. Yeah, which I have long been guilty of that, like, but what is the real reason that I'm feeling like this? But usually it's just, you know, it's so the answer is much more simple than we think. And it's so amazing to have you share your knowledge around that as well, because I've done a cleanse with you, and I tried to do it again a few times after, I think, depending on how you do the cleanse as well, I think my

ideal situation would be to go away, to not be distracted, to not have to be in and out of work.

I think it was a three or four day cleanse. And yeah, initially, but of course, when I did it, I was, you know, it was the weekend slash work time and you do what you can with you do the best with what you've got. And I still felt deeply nourished and held in your program and just the way that you set out all the information and how simple it was and how much it made sense.

So I also love that you offer these little kind of pieces along the way. Yeah, the cleanses are really good. They're usually, you know, we do them around the equinoxes in the spring and the autumn equinox before, like after we leave winter and after we leave summer to kind of bring our bodies back in to balance after these high seasons of, you know, really high temperatures or really low temperatures, which can sometimes skew our bodies.

And so, but the thing with an Ayurvedic cleanse is that it's super nourishing and it's like it's not about like there's an element of like stripping away, but it's much more about like really nourishing from the inside out. So, you're not really hungry on it, but yeah, it is hard for sure when you're working and whatever. And I agree, I'd love to just go away and do like a week long cleanse in the hinterland somewhere.

But that's not reality for most of us. And like a lot of the people that I've worked with, with cleanses have, you know, very busy lives or they're young moms. And like it's, you know, it's hard to find that space where you can dedicate, you know, three or four whole days to yourself.

So, I try to make my cleanses, you know, like a menu. You can kind of pick and choose elements of it that suit you, like with the basic kind of level of what will get you there. But then you can add on like a meditation practice or a self-care practice.

So, there's all these different layers that you can add on, depending how much time you have and how much space you can offer yourself. But yeah, yeah, I love it. Yeah, it's very much like, I think, applying this ancient wisdom to the reality of our real world as well, you know, because we don't all have that, yeah, we don't all have that like gift of space where we can just make every single meal from scratch that's all, you know, purified and lovely.

So, it's just little tweaks you can do that will like have a big impact on your day and your, yeah, sense of well-being. Yeah, and I love that you offer the different tiers like to really cater to the modern day person or whatever their schedule may look like. So, there is that option of, okay, if you want to do the cleanse, but you're still quite busy at this time, here's this that works for you.

And then later on, maybe when there is the gift of more space, then here is how you could do that as well. So, it's always like this offering of, yeah, making it work for the person so that they can get the best out of it and not have to compromise any part of themselves through that or any responsibilities or things like that or just miss out on it altogether because they're like, oh, well, I just don't have the capacity for it to do it right. And yeah, it's never about doing it right or wrong or being extreme with this.

But yeah, how can we find the right balance for now with what's going on now? Yeah, exactly. It's very much about working with, yeah, you and your current state and your actual lifestyle, you know, and how we can best nourish ourselves like in this chapter that we're in or season that we're in. It's so, yeah, it's just such a beautiful modality because you can kind of just, it ebbs and flows like we ebb and flow and yeah.

Yeah, and I think it's so amazing to be able to work with you on this because I've read Ayurvedic books and I've gone to certain workshops where it's like this is how it is, but then there's no kind of this is what it would look like applied or this is different ways that then you can bring it into like everyday life practice. So yeah, anyone that's interested in Ayurveda or wanting to work with you, I feel like that's just such an amazing gift that you have to hold that space and be compassionate and really understanding and be able to translate it in a way that's like this is how we can make it happen and work for you. Yeah, I feel like it's part of the gift that you have as well of just making it seamless and easy and accessible, which, you know, yeah, just based on other people that I've spoken to or spaces I've been in, it's like, oh, that that was a lot of information.

I'm finding it difficult to digest. How do I actually then do that in my week? Oh, for sure. It's yeah, it has to be executable in your real life or it's never going to work.

When I first got into it, I was like super strict about it and super religious and like, you know, following everything to the T and like getting upset with myself if I missed out my 22 minute second meditation of the day or if I ate something that was a hot food when I was supposed to be cooling or like, you know, all of that. I mean, that's like not the point of it at all. That's going to stress your body out more because it's this, you know, intense regime that's not yeah, it's not sustainable.

And it's not it's not natural to you or to our modern day life, really. Well, it can be for some people, but most of us probably not. So I think from my own experience with that is I really wanted to make it very accessible and very doable and explain.

Yeah, the wisdom behind it rather than just be like give people a checklist of what they need to do, because I think unless you unless you really understand a concept, it's not going to land and there's less likely you're less likely to. Bond with that or like absorb that into your life because it's just another weird fact that someone's told you rather than like a deep knowing or a deep wisdom that can come with kind of explaining it all like that. Yeah, I love the way you explain things.

And yeah, I love that you share that because it's like this is the reason why it helps the person develop a relationship or more meaning and why it's of value to them. And less likely to kind of, yeah, one, forget about it, two, not prioritize it, especially when initially they've made that sort of commitment or that promise to themselves. And then through the doing, it then becomes that embodied wisdom as well.

But you're already sharing them the the kind of layer behind which most people. It almost might come back to that quick fix, like I feel like now we've kind of seen the quick fixes don't work and we've tried to pick up a whole bunch of things and realize we've dropped them all and been like, OK, like I really need to find and focus on that one thing, because that's what's going to help it be consistent. That's what's going to stick.

That's what where I'm going to see the most change. If I just do even the smallest little thing, like you're saying, and I better to see that big impact because, well, this is my transition as well. And I feel like most people that I've spoken to recently, but of course, who knows what other circles people are in? But just, yeah, we've tried that whole surface kind of way of being not working.

And we're all kind of searching for those deeper layers and meaning and wisdom. And the stuff that's actually going to have an impact. Yeah, I agree.

I think my circle is quite similar to yours as well. I feel like this year particularly has been like a real deep dive for people. I think it's, yeah, everyone I know seems to have like one thing that they're going like really like this, you know, self-exploration or this.

Yeah, just this like layer of self that's really being called to be explored more so than like any other year, I think. I don't know. So like something kind of shifted, like you said, everyone was doing a lot.

And now they're like, oh no, there's like this one thing I just need to tend to for a little bit. That's also talking about, I guess, the flavors of the year or the tonal, the shifts. So Anneliese with part of her romantic rituals does astrology readings.

And I know you have a bit of a human design background as well. But I know you're, from what I understand, your real love is astrology. And it's another one of those things that I feel like it's Ayurveda when it's like at face value, you might think it's quite simple, but there's all these like complexities underneath.

And I've had my natal chart reading done by Anneliese. I've also had the, what's it called? Oh, I call it the Holy Trinity. The Holy Trinity.

Yeah. Yeah. So it's like more, it's something I've just been interested in myself, but it's kind of a deep dive on your moon, Venus and Lilith sign, which kind of to me are like archetypes of the different flavors of the feminine.

So it's like, you know, the mother, the lover, and then the dark and the huntress. Yeah. Well, we can go into this astrology because I feel like it's another big part of who you are and what you offer.

And another aspect that you individually and uniquely give to your people that choose to work with you is this layer of the Ayurveda of like how to work, like different ways to nourish or support your astrology, your tendencies, your challenges, things like that. So I'd had my natal chart read a few times. I've read a few books on a few courses myself to try to piece it together.

And just before we had ours, I'd like been really looking. So when I kind of got in and you were telling me it was more information and it was more depth and just like I kind of had it all kind of made sense. But then there was this like deeper or more broader picture that you could see that I feel you just kind of have access to.

As you speak from your intuition and you kind of channel based on your wisdom and experience. And yes, you were telling me things that I'm like, oh, yeah, that makes sense. Oh, yeah.

I didn't see that before. So like unveiling parts of me that I wasn't aware of. And then also showing me that perhaps then because we had a live one.

And for those of you listening, you can also just have a recording sent to you. We had a live one. So I was able to ask questions via the call and things that sort of came up that I was like saw as limitations or challenges.

You kind of helped me see them as more gifts and something that could be used as favorable and not seen as like not label it as bad, which we so often do. I'm like, that's good. That's bad.

I like this about me. I don't like that about me. And so what I also love about your in particular readings, your natal chart readings is that you just kind of bring it all together to be like all parts of you get to be loved and seen and just acknowledged for the gifts that each has.

And I haven't experienced that before in astrology reading. So I think that's very powerful and just amazing that you see it in that way and that you can share that vision with others. So it helps them rise and understand and love all aspects of themselves.

Yeah. Yeah, I love astrology. I love doing natal chart readings in particular because it's kind of this big it's like this synthesization of all of this different kind of intel that makes up the whole person.

And yeah, I'm very much of the idea that we're all so multidimensional and there's so many different aspects of ourselves, which you can see in a natal chart, you know, it's

like the energy is kind of pointed out there with your placements. But just in our day to day, like we're not the same person. Like moment to moment, really, you know, that's like a core sense of self that's unwavering, I guess, or some core sense of identity that's always there.

But this expression of ourselves. Yeah, it's just really beautiful to be able to tap into those different sides of ourselves. And yeah, some of them are more challenging for sure.

But they also bring with them like all of this wisdom and all of these gifts as well. So it's yeah, it's so nice. Yeah.

I just love doing natal charts and like sitting with somebody and going through it all. And you see these like looks of like, uh huh. Like when I'm saying something, I'm like, oh yeah, like it landed.

But it's like, yeah, I kind of see it as like this really nice form of self care. It's like a permission slip, you know, to embrace these different parts of ourselves. And and like you said, to learn to love them all, because they're definitely part always all of us will be like, oh, this side of me is not good or whatever.

But yeah, it's the nature of duality. Everything's good and everything's bad at the same time. So once you can kind of see the good in everything as well as not the bad so much, but like, you know, more challenging things that might happen with the way that you perceive the world.

And to give people like remedies for that as well to kind of help soften that or nurture themselves through like maybe a more rocky experience, because that's life is really nice as well, like to bring in my Ayurvedic knowledge that goes so well with astrology. Um, yeah, I just yeah, there's nothing more I love doing than sitting down and doing a natal chart. And for those of you that don't know what a natal chart is, and yeah, I haven't done it.

Did you want to explain? All right. Yeah. A natal chart, it's basically the sky when you were born and the chart is split into 12 houses.

And each of the houses represent a certain part of our lives. Um, so say the fourth house is home and roots, um, family, our ancestors, sense of safety, whereas the 10th house is us out in the world, our reputation, our legacy, our work. Um, and so they all kind of, yeah, they have different themes of our lives.

And then the planets will be within those 12 houses wherever they were when you were born, which are aspects of yourself. So most people are most familiar with their sun sign. Um, so that's more about your, yeah, like your personality, like your most dominant kind of hero's journey, I guess, you know, um, or your moons, your emotions, or your Venus is

how you love, or, um, Mercury is how you communicate.

So they all kind of embody these different aspects of yourself. And then they're placed into the 12 zodiac signs, which both rule the different houses and also the planets, um, which are kind of, I guess, energetic archetypes. Um, or the flavor of how you, how you act out those planets or those, all those areas of your life.

Um, and then they all form aspects of each other too. So it's quite, it gets quite complex. Um, but it's, then they all work together a lot.

It's like a big jigsaw puzzle. You know, when I start working on someone's chart, I'll be like, oh yeah, I'll pull one kind of theme out and I'll pull another theme out. And by the time I'm done, I'm like, oh, this is how they all weave together.

You know, it's like it, you just, yeah, put together this jigsaw puzzle about somebody. Um, and everyone reads differently, which is why I think it's so nice to go to like different astrologers as well. Everybody has a different kind of take on things.

Mine's like very intuitive. Um, I never studied astrology like officially or anything, it was self-taught, but it just came really naturally to me. I was just like, I don't know, it just provided me, I was like, oh, I can really see this person through this.

And most of the people that I read for, I've never met before, you know. Um, but it always does connect to them so deeply. So yeah, I think it provides me with like a framework that I can really see into somebody else.

And it provides the recipient with this like permission slip to be themselves in all of these different multidimensional, like this, yeah, there's a layered person, you know. Um, and some parts of us will be more prominent in some parts of our lives and, you know, we can lean on different energies and archetypes when we need to. Um, so yeah, it's a, it's a really nice way of understanding yourself as well.

And all you need is your birthplace date and time. But if you don't have your time, you can also do an astrology chat too, but it just might not be exactly accurate because I know some people don't have their time. Yeah, it's not impossible.

It won't have as much, um, details, like if you will, um, it's more, it will more just be about, um, the planets and the signs rather than the houses. But yeah, it is possible. Yes.

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